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Sikhona Money Transfers is known as the best online money transfer service in South Africa. Our service allows you to send and receive money in over 168 countries worldwide.

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Download our secure mobile app
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Click “Not registered?”
Fill in your personal details.
Upload clear images of your identity
document and of yourself holding
your identity document.
Click the register button

Create a transaction & fill out the
Select the country & pay-out method
you want for your beneficiary.
Select the pay-out partner you want
for your beneficiary.
Hit the Send Button



Here’s everything you need to know on how to receive money in South Africa from India

Receive collecrion pin

Once you have paid for your order,
we will send you a Collection Pin

Forward Pin To Beneficiary

Please send this Collection Pin to
your Beneficiary

Receive cash at pay-out location

Your Beneficiary must go to the
Pay-Out Location and present the
Collection Pin and also have a copy
of his National ID with him



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My name is Humphrey Yaw Adekpui. I have been working with Sikhona Money Transfers since 2019. It has really been an exciting journey as we face many obstacles but me and my team overcame all and learned from them. The love of helping and putting a smile on the faces of customers when their money goes through successfully is what motivates me the most. I get the opportunity to help people and the fact that I get to move around meeting and talking to new people is great.
Sikhona Staff

MEET Humphrey

My name is Humphrey Yaw Adekpui. I have been working with Sikhona Money Transfers since 2019. It has really been an exciting journey as we face many obstacles but me and my team overcame all and learned from them. The love of helping and putting a smile on the faces of customers when their money goes through successfully is what motivates me the most. I get the opportunity to help people and the fact that I get to move around meeting and talking to new people is great.


Dadirai Nemasonzi

Chat to Dadirai directly via WhatsApp if you need help with getting registered on the app or if you need help with sending money home. She will be available to answer all your questions.

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Dorcas Frimpoma
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This is why we have chosen to extend our reach and offer money transfer services in India. Find out more about how you can send and receive money from India

Send Money to India from South Africa with Sikhona Money Transfers

Sikhona Money Transfers has fast gained a reputation for being the best money transfer service in Africa. In the decade that we have been offering our clients a safe and reliable money transfer option, our company has become the go to for all kinds of people, from the everyday person looking to transfer money or pay bills, to those migrant workers who are looking for an affordable way to send money back home. While our money transfer services have been limited to the African continent, we are now offering international money transfers to India from South Africa.

This is the next step in the development of our company, as we seek to provide our unique and trusted approach to money transfers to an international community. We have recognised the need for such a service in India and this has driven our expansion.

As a company developed and grown in Africa, we have a lot of experience to draw from when it comes to providing such a service to those in developing nations. Our background is the perfect position from which to expand our network and our reach, and as we remain committed to our high standards of service delivery, those looking for international money transfers in India will find that they enjoy the same benefits of working with us as our African clientele do.

Sikhona Money Transfers has a solid and trusted reputation in South Africa and since our business was started back in 2010, we have fast become not just one of the biggest but also one of the industry leading money transfer companies in the country, especially in the migrant community. Our mission, right from the start, has been to make money sending and money receiving as simple and as fast as possible, knowing that our client base does not have the time or the money to waste on slow, expensive money transfers. With the simple use of our easy to use app, those using the app never have to physically go to a bank or other type of financial institution to deposit, send or receive money.

Sikhona Money Transfers operates as a division of Sikhona Money Forex (Pty) Ltd, and we are recognised as an Authorised Dealer with Limited Authority (ADLA). We are also fully licensed with SARS and the South African Reserve Bank.

Our services are made to meet the demands of modern living. Working fast and giving clients the option of using the service 24/7, with the Sikhona app, money can be moved and received any time. While our service might have originally started out with migrant workers in mind, today, our app is widely used by all sorts of people in need of it.

Throughout the many years that we have been in business, we have aimed to make sure that the prices associated with using our money transfer app is kept as affordable as possible, so that more people can enjoy access to the services that it provides. And should you have any specific questions about our services, whether you are using them or just thinking about using them, we have a team of professionals ready and waiting to offer their assistance and their expertise.

With our most recent expansion into India, we are aiming to have plenty of payout points available and we will be including the United States Dollar to our vast list of valuable currencies. Our India based clients will also have access to a variety of other great, helpful services.

How our money transfer services in India work

Over the many years that money transfers have been available to the general public, these services have undergone a great amount of changes. In the past, one would have to physically deposit and then physically withdraw the money, and this would prove next to impossible for many people, since the distance between villages and banks would often be quite far, making it incredibly difficult to receive money, in particular.

At Sikhona Money Transfers, we have made use of all of the latest advancements in money transfers in order to provide our clients with the best, and most suitable service. We are also at the cutting edge of money transfer innovations, as we work closely with those who need to transfer money. Understanding the specific needs of our clients has helped us to shape a service that is uniquely suitable to them and those who share similar needs.

The app that we have created is really easy to set up and incredibly easy to use, as we have paid a lot of attention to the user interface, ensuring that it make sense to all users, no matter which country that are accessing the app from.

Once our app is on your phone, and you have set up your account, you will be able to send and receive money no matter where you are.

To get going with the app, you can use this straight-to-the-point, step-by-step guide to start using international money transfers in India.

You need to download the app and create an account

To access the Sikhona app, you will need to have a smartphone, as will the person who is receiving the money. This shouldn’t be a big problem, as these days smart phones are the most used mobile devices in the world and are easily accessible for most people.

With the smartphone in hand, you will need to go to either the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store and then search for Sikhona Money Transfers. Our app will pop up and then you will need to download it.

After you have completed the download, to start using the app for international money transfers in India, you will need to create a user account for yourself. This is a very simple process that will require you to add your personal details to your user account, and then upload an image of your Identity Document (or related paperwork) and a photo of yourself holding that paperwork.

Once this bit of admin is out of the way, you can click on the “Register” button which will complete the process.
You will now be able to start using the app to send and receive money.

Add a list of beneficiaries

To be able to start sending money, you will need to create a list of beneficiaries. This process is a lot simpler than getting the account started.

To add someone, you will need to go to the “add beneficiary” button and then follow the prompts for adding the necessary information. When you have added all of the information that is needed, just click “complete”. You will now be able to immediately start transferring money to your beneficiary.

When you are sending money, the country to which the money is being transferred will need to be selected, as this will ensure that the exchange rate is correct and that the app is available for use in the country selected. The method of payment will then need to be selected, and from there you will need add the amount of money that is to be paid over. When the necessary information is added, the “send” button can be selected and the transfer can be processed.

As the person sending the money, you will be sent a pin that the beneficiary will need to use in order to access the money. You will naturally need to send this pin to the beneficiary so that when the money is accessible, they can withdraw it.

Once the transfer goes through, the beneficiary will receive a notification that they have received money. The notification will come through on a text message or an email, and it will have a link that they will need to follow in order to access the money.

The Easiest Way to Transfer Money to and from India

At this point, you probably have the app on your phone and ready to do some international money transfers. As a money transfer company that has a reach across Africa and now India too, Sikhona Money Transfers offers clients the easiest way to move money into and out of India.

There are a great number of reasons why so many people have made the Sikhona app their preferred money transfer method. Our app designed to be able to provide you with a quick and simple way to send money, but that is just one great reason to download our app and register a user account.

Those who use our app are given a platform that is affordable and which makes it easier to do those everyday tasks that might have in the past taken time and money to do.

When you are using the Sikhona Money Transfer app to do your money transfers in India, you will never again have to worry about high transfer fees or time delays. While in the past, money transfer admin fees were incredibly high, especially because money was crossing borders, and could take a week or more to process, with our service the costs are low and the transfer is done almost immediately.

Receiving Money in India via a Money Transfer

Using the Sikhona Money Transfer app is incredibly beneficial for both the person sending the money and the person receiving it. Our app works both ways and the clients who are using the app to receive the money being transferred, can enjoy the same fast and easy service that those who use the app to send the money get to enjoy.

If what you need is a safe and reliable way to send and receive money in India, then the Sikhona app could be just what you are looking for. With the app, money collection options include cash collections, credit accounts and bank accounts.

The Best Benefits of Using our Online Money Transfer Services in India

For international money transfers in India, doing so via an app means anyone has the ability to send and receive money, depending on the online money transfer options available to them.

With the internet being so easily accessible for most, even those living in remote Indian villages, can enjoy the immense convenience of sending and receiving money via the web.
If you are thinking about using the Sikhona Money Transfer app in India, these are just some of the many benefits that you can look forward to enjoying.

  • Send and receive money 24/7
    Since Sikhona is accessed via the web, you can send and receive money no matter the time of day or night. This means our app is perfect for emergencies.
  • Quick and safe money transfers
    The money transfer is almost instantly processed and with the app being made and constantly developed to include some of the most advanced security technology, Sikhona is fast and safe for money transfers.
  • No paperwork involved
    All of the information that you need to add to the app in order to set up an account and do the money transfer is done digitally. And there is no waiting ages for your registration to be approved.
  • Various payout points and money wallets
    When it comes to withdrawing the money, there are numerous options available. You can also use certain pickup partners, which include banks, EcoCash Wallets and USSD cash payments.

Is Sikhona the right fit for you?

If you are looking for a way to process international money transfers in India, Sikhona might just be the best option for you, because:

  • We guarantee safe transfers
    We are serious about protecting both your money and your personal information. For this reason, we make use of security technology to keep you and your money safe, no matter where you are transferring your money to or from.
  • We are fast and affordable
    We’ve mentioned this quite a lot already. Our approach to money transfers is to make it as fast and as cheap as possible for our clients, without ever compromising on the quality of the service we provide.
  • We have the global reach
    Sikhona is a company with a global reach and we currently operate in 162 countries, including India. We also have a distribution network of more than 440 000.

Sikhona Money Transfers is leading the way with international money transfers and we are able to assist you with your money sending and money receiving in India. We also offer money transfer services in Ghana and Zimbabwe. For more information, have a look at our website or contact us today.