What is Sikhona Money Transfers?

Sikhona Money Transfers is a division of Sikhona Forex (Pty) Ltd, an Authorised Dealer with limited Authority. Sikhona Money Transfers has partnered with various money remittance partners to enable our customers to send money abroad to their family, friends or loved ones at the best possible rates.


Who are the money remittance partners of Sikhona Money Transfers?

RIA Money Transfers and XE


Who can become a Sikhona Money Transfers client?

Absolutely anyone who is over the age of 18 years and is able to provide the necessary documentation to register.


What documents do I need to sign up for Sikhona Money Transfers?

Our money remittance transactions are low-value transactions. To register, you must provide us with an original of one of the following:
● South African ID or
● Foreign Passport or
● Asylum Document.


Where can I sign up?

You can register here, or via the app, which can be downloaded here


How do I contact Sikhona Money Transfers?

Our call centre can be reached on 0861 660 660 Monday-Friday 7am-9pm
Sunday- Saturday (including Public Holidays) 8am-8pm


How do I send money?

You can register via the app, which can be downloaded here.
Once you are registered, you can send money through one of the following channels:
● Mobile phone – USSD *134*660#
● Contact our Call Centre on 0861 660 660
Contact an agent in your area


How much can I send?

Based on meeting certain criteria, you can apply for a limit increase directly on our APP or Website or contact one of our consultants to assist you. We have various limit increase levels that we would be happy to discuss with you.


Which countries can I send money to?

We send to 168 countries.


How do I register?

Please download our APP and follow the instructions to register. You can also register on our website.


What do I need to register?

You need to fill out all fields on our APP and please include 2 photos. One is a Selfie and the other is a photo of your ID document.


Can I register with a Passport?

We accept SA IDs, Foreign Passports and Asylum Documents.


How much does it cost to send money?

Each country has different pricing and rates. You can get a real-time quote on our Mobile App .


Where are your pick-up points?

We have over 380 000 pick-up points across the world, so it depends on which country you are wanting to send to.