I hereby declare the following:

  • I have read this document, know and understand the contents thereof.
  • The information furnished throughout this transaction is in all respects both true and correct.
  • The currency applied for will only be used for the specific purpose stated herein.
  • The documentation presented in support of this transaction is in all respects authentic.
  • I have been informed of the limit applicable to this transaction and confirm that this limit will not be exceeded because of the conclusion of this transaction.
  • I consent to this information being provided to the South African Reserve Bank and/or the Financial Intelligence Centre.
  • I authorise Sikhona Forex (Pty) Ltd to sign my declaration on my behalf for any subsequent transactions as set out in Section C.1 (E)(ii)(e) of the Currency and Exchanges Manual for Authorised Dealers in foreign exchange with limited authority (ADLA Manual.)
  • This declaration shall be binding and I agree that the terms of this declaration shall remain in force and effect unless a notice of termination is received in writing duly signed by me.

Your transaction will be categorised according to the purpose and/or identification documentation provided on registration for Inbound and Outbound transactions:

  • 401 Gift – South African ID
  • 416 Migrant workers remittance – Asylum documents
  • 417 Foreign national contract worker remittance – Foreign passport

Once you apply for a higher limit your categories will change to the following:

  • 305 Compensation paid by a resident to a migrant worker/employee – Asylum document
  • 306 Compensation paid by a resident to a foreign national contract worker employee – Foreign Passport

Self to Self-Inbound

  • 303 Compensation/salaries paid by a non-resident to a resident employee temporarily abroad