I hereby declare the following:

  • I have read this document and know and understand the contents thereof;
  • The information furnished throughout this transaction is in all respects both true and correct;
  • The currency applied for will only be used for the specific purpose stated herein;
  • The documentation presented in support of this transaction is in all respects authentic;
  • I have been informed of the limit applicable to this transaction and confirm that this limit will not be exceeded as a result of the conclusion of this transaction; and
  • I consent to this information being provided to the South African Reserve Bank and/or the Financial Intelligence Centre.

Your transaction will be categorised according to your identification documentation provided on registration:

  • 401 Gift – South African ID
  • 416 Migrant workers remittance – Asylum documents
  • 417 Foreign national contract worker remittance – Foreign passport

Once you apply for a higher limit your categories will change to the following:

  • 305 Compensation paid by a resident to a migrant worker/employee – Asylum document
  • 306 Compensation paid by a resident to a foreign national contract worker employee – Foreign Passport