Sending Money Home for Ramadan

sending money home for ramadan

Sending Money Home for Ramadan


The holy season of Ramadan is upon us and if you are looking for a way to give back to your family or to your community, sending money could be a great way to show your appreciation.


Here we’ll guide you on how you can send money home for Ramadan using the Sikhona Money Transfer app.


Every year, the Muslim community the world over celebrates one of its most important holidays. During the month of Ramadan, giving back is a top priority and as the community observes days of prayer, reflection, and fasting, one of the most important things you can do during this time are to contribute financially to your home community.

During this time period, the number of remittances to countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE, and Pakistan increase substantially. For those who are sending money to their home communities, using a money transfer app is one of the best options you have at your disposal if you want to save money while enjoying the guarantee that your money will be safely sent.


What is a money transfer app?


Money transfer apps are the easiest method to use if you are sending money from one person to another, especially if that person is living in another country.

With a money transfer app, you can simplify the way that you make your payments. Some apps make use of a money wallet while others are a lot more straightforward and as such will end up saving you loads of money.

A money transfer app is not just used to send money back home, but it can also be used to directly pay for things like online buys and bills that need to be settled. Using money transfer apps comes with a lot of benefits, including saving money and giving those who are sending money an easy way to access the cash, without necessarily having to go to the bank.

Sikhona Money Transfers is one of the most popular money transfer apps in South Africa, and our reach has grown to include the African continent. Our services are simple and easy to use and since everything is done with a mobile phone, it is easily accessible to everyone.


Giving Back at Ramadan


For 30 days, the global Muslim community is going to be fasting from sunrise to sunset and in doing so they will be using their time to reflect on life and renew their spirits. This is also the time of year for giving and while they support their homes, after all, charity begins at home, they are also more giving in other ways too.

Their reason for giving money at this time of year varies but one primary reason stands out and that is Zakat. And if you are a Muslim reader, the Zakat tenant is not going to be unusual to you.

The Islamic faith is based on 5 incredibly important tenants. The first is the belief in Allah as the one true God. The second is fasting during Ramadan. The third is to pray 5 times a day. The fourth is to make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

The final important tenant is to give. Those who have the means to give money are expected to do so and usually, Muslims will give up to 2.5% of their yearly income to those who need it, even if those who need it are in the very community they live in.   

The immense charity shown during the month of Ramadan is not just about giving or helping. This gesture is more about showing thankfulness. As we live in abundance, the giving of money is one way to show that we know we are blessed and as such we give thanks to Allah for this abundance.

Beyond that, transferring money back home to friends and family during this month is a symbol of promise. If each year you are able to send money home, you can show your promise of caring for your family and making sure that they know that you are looking out for them and helping to take care of their needs, both now and into the future.

Whether giving money to your family or money to your community, if you are thinking about giving money this Ramadan, using a money transfer app might just be the best option for you. At Sikhona, we show our clients that we support the spirit of this season, by making money transfers quick, simple, and affordable.

Although you might be separated from your family or home community by oceans and mountains, the distance doesn’t have to get in the way of your meeting your commitments at this important time of the year.


Using the Sikhona Money Transfer App this Ramadan


A money transfer app is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to safely send money. And when you make use of the Sikhona app, your money transfer is not going to cost you a small fortune. At Sikhona Money Transfers, we are passionate about offering our extensive clientele an affordable way to send money using just a mobile phone. Our rates are incredibly low and our promise to you is that we will get your money to wherever it needs to be, on time, this Ramadan.

Ramadan lasts between 28 and 30 days, so the idea of having to wait a long time for the money to be transferred is simply not an option. 

There are many reasons why sending money with a money transfer app like ours is fast becoming the most used way to transfer money. In the context of sending money home for Ramadan, another of the benefits of using the Sikhona Money Transfer app is that it offers a wide reach, so you can be sure your money can be transferred over long distances.  

If our app is the one that you are choosing to use, this is what you need to know.


1.      You need a smartphone, and ideally, so does the person receiving the money

Since our system is hosted as an app, you naturally need to have a device capable of accessing the app. Our app is compatible with a wide variety of smartphone devices and to get started, once you have downloaded the app, you will need to register an account. To do this, you will need to fill in your personal details, have a clear image of your identity document, and a photo of yourself holding up your identity document, and when everything is uploaded, you can click register.


2.      You will need a list of beneficiaries

Your beneficiaries are those to who you will be sending money this Ramadan. So to transfer the money, you will need to add them to your Sikhona app. To add them, you will need to fill in their details and then click on the complete button. Some of the details that you will need include the name of the country they are living in, their date of birth, their ID number, and their phone number.

Sikhona Money Transfers has a long list of countries to which we can transfer money to.


3.      Your beneficiary will receive an SMS or email link to start the onboarding process

When you have selected your beneficiary and transferred money to them, they will receive a notification informing them of the transaction. The beneficiary will then need to follow the link they have been sent and fill in certain details which will include their personal information, and their ID document as well as a photo of them holding up their ID. They can then click confirm. The beneficiary can have the option of a cash pick-up or a bank credit, which does give some nice flexibility and helps to make the Sikhona Money Transfer service the ideal option for those who need money in a hurry.

At Sikhona Money Transfers, we have partnered up with Ria Money Transfer in order to give our clients even more reach. Although we have for a long while been one of Africa’s most commonly used money transfer app companies, with this partnership, we are able to take things even further to reach more people. Currently, we have thousands of payout points all across the world.

Our app is easily downloaded from either the Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store and since the app has been developed using the latest technology, it is designed to be incredibly user-friendly as well as completely safe. When you transfer money, you can be sure that your transfer will safely reach those who need it, even when remittances are at an all-time high during this month of Ramadan.

As a company committed to giving clients the very best service, we are a team ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us via our website or you can give us a call to discuss your needs or your concerns. Our money transfer services are ideal for people of all income groups, and our admin fees are kept low so that you can transfer more for less.

Download the Sikhona Money Transfer app today and fill in your details to get started with easy online international money transfers.

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