How Sikhona is Making Money Transfer Services Easier than Ever Before

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How Sikhona is Making Money Transfer Services Easier than Ever Before

Living in this modern world comes with modern conveniences, like money transfer apps. As we live in a society that is increasingly more interconnected and as we travel further from home, both to see the world and to make money, having something like a money transfer app is fast becoming so much more than a convenience.

For many people in Africa, and beyond, the use of a money transfer app is a necessity.

In the not so distant past, money transfers could only be done by physically going to the bank and depositing money into someone’s account, and if you go back further than that, the transfer would be even more rustic.

These days, with the rise of the online world and since just about everyone, even those in distant villages, either have a smartphone or have access to one, so much of our way of life has changed.

With smartphones and steady access to the web, a whole new world of knowledge and opportunity has been created. And money transfer apps are just one of the results of this expansion of technology.

A Brief Look at a Money Transfer Apps

In their most basic, straight to the point form, a money transfer app is a mobile app that has been designed to move (transfer) money from one account to another.

Such an app can be used to move money from one personal account to another, or it can be used to transfer money to pay bills, which is essentially what you’d be doing anyway when go to a business to settle an account.

These apps are generally not created by the company you are banking with. Instead they are developed and maintained by various authorised financial service providers, who act as a reliable middleman of sorts, and their international money transfer services are often a lot more affordable than the similar services offered by banking institutions.

Often a money transfer account does a lot more than just move money around, and the list of services available will change from one company to the next, which is why it pays to shop around.

Types of Money Transfer Apps

When you are on the lookout for a new, perhaps more suitable and customisable app to do your money transfers from, it helps to know a little more about the various types of apps that are going to be available to you.

The vast majority of money transfer systems are designed to be peer to peer or person to person systems. This means one party does the transfer from their bank account or from their card via the app, to the other party.

  • Direct money transfers

These sorts of systems are quite a lot more popular than the other types of money transfer systems, because they are the type of system that can be used by just about anyone and they can be taken with you wherever you go, because the system is on your phone.

Mobile systems are incredibly user friendly, and the technology is fully protected by advanced security features. One thing that needs to be given some thought if you are going to be using a mobile app as your main tool for money transfers, is that sometimes the app needs to be compatible to both your phone as well as the phone that will be used to process the transfer. That being said, for many people, especially those who are working as migrant workers in Africa, these apps are without a doubt the most popular way to move money home.

  • Independent money transfers

Independent money transfer services are some of the oldest online services out there. They are largely responsible for the rise in mobile app transfer services because they have in many ways paved the way for mobile transfer services. Early players in the industry included companies like PayPal and Venmo, and while these services are still in use these days, they face stiff competition from other similar services.

These money transfer services are connected to banking accounts and the money needs to be withdrawn from a bank card which is connected to the transfer system’s electronic wallet. Sometimes, these sorts of platforms also offer other types of services, and there are also some great features for businesses to use, such as invoicing directly via the money transfer systems.

  • Online banking money transfers

These money transfer systems are definitely the oldest version of this technology, but they are still incredibly popular and widely used. With the rise of so many money transfer options, banks have been forced to stay one step ahead of their competitors and so along with traditional online banking, this type of money transfer service now also includes a variety of other options for moving money and making payments via the web.

Money Transfer App Features

It is important to know more about the various app features before you make the commitment to using one app or another. Some apps come with just the standard features, which can be incredibly helpful if you are looking for something that is a little more straightforward and user friendly, while other apps are fully customisable and which come with more than just the basics.

At the core of the best money transfer apps, these are the features that you should have available:

  • Instant Pay

Some money transfer apps have an extra waiting period because the money has to be moved from your bank, to an e-wallet, and only then sent through to the person waiting to receive the cash. Then there are some apps, like the Sikhona Money Transfer app, that provides almost immediate payments. Instead of having to wait that extra time that you would have when using an app with a built in wallet.

  • Statistics

With any money transfer system, you will want to have a useful way to manage your finances to ensure that you don’t overspend and that your money is properly transferred. This is easily done when you have a system that will give you accurate statistics that will further allow you to visually see how you work with your money.

  • Bills

Moving money from your account to the account of another person is definitely the goal of all money transfer systems, but it is not the only way that you can make use of your app. Paying bills online is another great feature that will become incredibly useful to you, as you get into the swing of using your money transfer system.

  • Notifications

We live in a world of endless notifications. From social media to news alerts, the beeping can be non-stop. But with a money transfer app, the notifications are going to be most welcome, because they will inform you about the progress of your transfer and other things like when you receive money in your account or other important updates.

  • International Payments

Moving money from one country to the next is a big priority for most people using these sorts of systems. It is so important to make sure that the system you use is capable of crossing international boundaries and such a service should be done without long delays and high fees.

  • Currency

Not only should payments be able to cross the borders of various countries, but the amounts should be easily turned into another currency so that it can be used in the country it is being transferred to. Again, this should be done at a low admin rate.

What makes Sikhona the App that Makes Money Transfers so much Easier?

Sikhona Money Transfers is a home-grown South African money transfer app that has changed the way that many South Africans, and those working here but needing to send money home, move their money.

Our app is the result of many years of development, taking inspiration from overseas money transfer app developers, while at the same time looking local and doing research into exactly what the local money transfer community wants and needs from an app of this kind.

For this reason alone, Sikhona has become one of the most used money transfer apps on the market and in many ways, with our app, we have simplified the process, making it so much easier for our app users to move their money to where it needs to be.

There are many ways that we have developed our app so that it is easier to use, these are just some of the features that makes it so user friendly:

  1. We’ve paid a lot of attention to the development of the interface

Sometimes the reason why an app is so beloved by its users comes down to something as simple as the user experience. An app that is well organised will have an easy to use interface, which will allow the user to navigate from one feature to the next, and process their money transfers without any hassles that could cause confusion and delays.

Our app includes a neatly laid out dashboard that is simple to get to grips with and which is compatible with most types of devices.

  1. We put extra attention into our portal development

The money transfer portal is one of the money transfer apps most integral features. Without it, money will be next to impossible to move around and essentially, the user will find no joy from having the app.

We have put a lot of effort into creating an effective transfer portal using the best and most advanced software which makes it possible for money to be moved through a couple of channels, from one country to the next, and it takes into consideration currency exchange. We’ve also made a system that works fast and is completely secure, allowing you to quickly and easily transfer your money without concern.

  1. We focus on security

In this day and age, online security is most important. Data and money moved on the internet is something that is increasingly under attack, from both online hackers and scammers alike. The best apps, like ours, are developed not only using the latest in web security technology, but the app is constantly under the microscope and being improved to take into consideration the latest possible security threats.

How does this make using the app easier for you? Well, security is likely to be something that ends up being a big concern to you, because you have a lot to lose if the app is tampered with and your money goes missing. Because we have given so much extra thought and given so much extra attention to our money transfer app, the overall security of your money and your important private information, is going to be secure.

  1. We provide basic information

There are certain statistics that you might find useful to have, like how much you spend in a month and how much you pay, on average, for your admin fees. It is also very helpful to have a way to keep an eye on how your transactions move and where or when there is possibly a delay in the money getting to where it needs to be.

Our app is developed to keep you better informed about how your money transfer progresses and how much you are spending along the way.

  1. We are affordable

Something many people don’t tend to think about when they use a money transfer app, is just how much money they are paying to use the service. At Sikhona Money Transfers, one of our main aims is, and always has been, to provide an easily accessible and really affordable money transfer service via our app. And this is exactly what we have done.

For more information about our money transfer app, or if you’d like to talk to someone from our team to find out if ours is really the right app for your needs, you can contact us today. Alternatively, you can browse our website further to find out more about how our app can benefit you.

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