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Transferring money is faster, safer and cheaper when you use Sikhona.
meet sam sikhona

Say Hello to Sam, our Superhero 

Transferring money is faster, safer and cheaper when you use Sikhona.

My name is Sam, and I am on a mission to help my fellow hard workers find the best method to transfer their hard earned money. 

Like many of you, I come from a faraway place. I arrived in South Africa in 2010, determined to make my fortune so that the life of my family back home could be improved. In my home of Senfall, the job opportunities were not enough for all of the people and even making our own work was not possible. 

As the breadwinner of my family, it was up to me to make sure that my family could survive in the harsh environment that life at home had become. 

I knew that for our lives to be better, I would have to leave. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made, but I knew that if I wanted to make something of myself, I would have to have courage. 

When I left, I didnt know what to expect. I had never been more than a few kilometres from my home, and now I was going to be travelling halfway across the world. But I had heard so many great things about South Africa and the rumours of work opportunities and a chance to make good money convinced me that it was time to take a risk. 

This would be the greatest adventure of my life and I was so looking forward to the new experiences, and to meeting all the new people who would cross my path. 

I finally arrived in South Africa and found a job quicker than I thought. Life was just spectacular! I was making great money and I was adjusting to my new life in this beautiful place. 

And when I was ready to send the first bit of my income home, I felt like a superhero. I had done it, I had reached my first goal and I couldnt wait to do the transfer, knowing how proud my family would be. 

But in my excitement, I made a huge mistake. 

Instead of taking my time and researching the best ways to safely transfer my money, I rushed, taking the very first option that I came across. I listened to the wrong people and made some really bad decisions.  The result of my hurried actions is that I lost some of my money. Going with the wrong option meant I was spending more to send the money and my family had to wait a really long time before they received the money I had sent. 

I wasnt just upset when I realised just how long it had taken for the money to get to my family and how much additional money I had to pay out to send it. I was depressed. It had taken me a lot of time to work for the money, and now that I realised my family wasnt really benefitting from what I sent, I became hopeless. 

For a long time I wondered what I could do. Would I have to go home? A failure in the eyes of my community. Yet another dreamer who couldnt make it in the world outside of Senfall. 

I had put all of my hopes and dreams into making a success of myself in South Africa, and after a while, after I had overcome my feelings of failure, I decided that this was not going to be the end of my time here. 

I decided that if this was happening to me, then this was probably happening to a lot of other people as well. And if I didnt come up with a solution, my fellow people who came to this great nation to make money and live their dreams would also give up and I couldnt live with myself if I let that happen! 

It was time to fight back! Against the high rates, against the unsafe money transfers, against the very people who took advantage of those like me. 

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sikhona superheroes story

And so Sikhona was born out of my struggle. 

Sikhona is a Zulu word which means I am here. It is a call and an acknowledgment of the people who are present, who are awake in life, and who are taking a stand. Sikhona is for those who are fighting for the future of their families. 

With the creation of this money transfer system, I am paving the way towards ensuring that the people working in South Africa and wanting to transfer some money home, have a safe, fast and cheap way to do so. Sikhona is protecting the dreams of these people, and helping to guarantee that they can see a way forward. 

Sikhona seeks to empower people so that they can finally feel like they are winning at life. When I started using the system, I could transfer the money so fast and at such a cheap rate that it changed both my life and the life of my family completely. I could stop stressing about money transfers and just start living my life to the fullest once more. I could start growing my career in South Africa, and think about new ways to make money. I was finally happy and at peace with my new life. 

When Sikhona is your preferred method to transfer money, you too can feel the lightness and the happiness that I now get to enjoy every day. And you can trust me when I say, I value transparency and honesty, and that is why I dont mind recommending Sikhona, since this is a system which shares my values. 

And one of the best things about using Sikhona, aside from the fact that it is so affordable to use, is that the money can be transferred directly from your phone to your familys bank. This makes using Sikhona a safer option as you will never have to have cash on you again! 

So join me in saving money and time. Sign up to Sikhona and experience the benefits for yourself today. 


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